Water Trail Toolbox: Educating the Public
Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network

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Building an expanding community support for the water trail is a never-ending process and should be considered an essential element of the management plan. Provide a variety of interpretive educational programs to inform both children and adults about the waterway and the Chesapeake Bay. An informed citizenry will value and champion the trail and become active in stewardship activities.

Conduct Interpretive Programs

Use staff members, volunteers, and outfitters to interpret the area's natural and cultural heritage on trips along the water trail and on adjacent lands.

Hold Special Events

Sponsor water festivals, paddling trips, sojourns, canoe races, and other water-related events to broaden community support for the trail.

Promote Conservation Practices

Include conservation messages in your publications and signs and inform the public about the trail's connection with programs to restore the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay .

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