Bloody Point Bar
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Year Built:1882
Description:Bloody Point BarLocated off the southern tip of Kent Island. Owned and maintained by the USCG (Coast Guard Activities Baltimore). Eligible for listing on National Register of Historic Places. Still operational.
Type of Structure:Iron Caisson surmounted by iron tower. Rust brown color with black tower. Originally rose 54 feet above water.
Purpose:Marks Bloody Point Bar
Interesting Facts:Severe gales caused sand to be scoured from one side of the light tipping it precariously. The first attempts to fix it were not successful, but the structure was righted in 1885 with 760 tons of stone piled at the base for stabilzation. It has remained fairly stable with the tilt less than one-half what it was. Automated in 1960 after the keeper’s quarters were consumed by a roaring fire fueled by the facility’s 500-gallon gas tank.
Photo(s):Bloody Point Bar
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