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Grants Awarded: 2002

The National Park Service provides matching grants to Chesapeake Bay Gateways for high-quality interpretation, access, or conservation and restoration projects. These grants help enhance the public's ability to learn and enjoy the Bay's stories and significance, explore its natural and cultural resources, and become involved in Bay stewardship. Through these projects and other Gateways Network efforts more and more people recognize the Chesapeake as a true national treasure.

In 2002 these grants totaled $829,248.00 with an equivalent non-Federal match.

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block "Stories and Songs of the Chesapeake"

Gateway: Historic Annapolis Gateway - City Dock
Amount: $8,190.00

block "Wetland Restoration Overlook Exhibit"

Gateway: Adkins Arboretum
Amount: $31,000.00

block “Tundra Swan Watch” Boardwalk & “Bay Bio’s Interpretive Cards”

Gateway: Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge
Amount: $35,000.00

block A Day in the Life of a Waterman

Gateway: Captain Salem Avery House
Amount: $21,615.00

block ADA Access for Interpretation of a Tidal Creek Inter-tidal Zone Wetland

Gateway: Greenwell State Park
Amount: $11,715.00

block Additional interpretive signage

Gateway: Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center
Amount: $13,750.00

block Birds of a Maryland Farm: 100 years of Ornithology in the Bay Region

Gateway: Piscataway Park
Amount: $9,400.00

block Blackwater Hiking Trails

Gateway: Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge
Amount: $33,000.00

block Chesapeake Bay Living Map – A visit to the Land and Waters of the Chesapeake Bay Region

Gateway: George Washington Birthplace National Monument
Amount: $14,400.00

block Chesapeake Bay Underwater & Blueways Water Trails Videos

Gateway: Mathews Blueways Water Trails
Amount: $24,500.00

block Conservation for the Ages

Gateway: Hoffler Creek Wildife Preserve
Amount: $20,400.00

block Educational Kiosks at Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

Gateway: Chesapeake Biological Laboratory (UMCES)
Amount: $30,058.00

block Expanded Water Trail Map & Guide

Gateway: Susquehanna River Water Trail - Middle Section
Amount: $15,000.00

block Farm to Bay Interpretive Trail

Gateway: Pickering Creek Audubon Center
Amount: $44,070.00

block Ferries and Steamboats: Waterborne Travel and Trade in the Upper Chesapeake

Gateway: Historic London Town and Gardens
Amount: $9,000.00

block Gwynns Falls Trail Interpretation and Stewardship – Phase I Project

Gateway: Gwynns Falls Trail and Greenway
Amount: $40,000.00

block Interpreting Smith Island's Natural Environment

Gateway: Smith Island Center
Amount: $6,752.00

block Interpreting the Link between Spruce Knob - Seneca Rock NRA and the Chesapeake

Gateway: Spruce Knob/Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area
Amount: $19,200.00

block Interpretive Brochure for the Chesapeake Bay Critical Areas Driving Tour

Gateway: Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary and Visitor's Center
Amount: $5,000.00

block Interpretive Brochures, Exhibits and Signage

Gateway: Concord Point Lighthouse
Amount: $20,000.00

block Interpretive Signage Enhancement

Gateway: Pocomoke River State Forest and Park
Amount: $45,000.00

block Lifeways on a Colonial Eastern Shore Plantation

Gateway: Pemberton Historical Park
Amount: $9,706.00

block Lower James River Water Trail Maps/Guide

Gateway: James River Water Trail - Lower
Amount: $30,000.00

block Lower Susquehanna River Trail Map: Mason Dixon Line to Head of the Bay

Gateway: Susquehanna River Water Trail - Lower Section
Amount: $18,000.00

block Multi-language brochures

Gateway: Dutch Gap Conservation Area
Amount: $14,650.00

block Northern Neck East End Water Trails Maps

Gateway: Reedville Fishermen's Museum
Amount: $8,500.00

block Outdoor Panoramic Exhibits at Three Key Viewpoint

Gateway: Elk Neck State Park
Amount: $15,300.00

block Powhatan Creek Blueway Improvement Project

Gateway: Powhatan Creek Blueway
Amount: $26,100.00

block Raystown Branch Juniata River Water Trail Map and Guide

Gateway: Raystown Branch Juniata River Water Trail
Amount: $7,106.00

block Signage and Interpretive Presentations for the Richardson Maritime Museum

Gateway: Richardson Maritime Museum
Amount: $12,706.00

block Signage for Outdoor Exhibits

Gateway: Watermen's Museum
Amount: $5,800.00

block Sultana Interpretive Initiatives

Gateway: Schooner Sultana
Amount: $5,797.00

block The Reconstruction of the 1814 Water Battery Site

Gateway: Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine
Amount: $13,500.00

block The Role of Privateers in the War of 1812

Gateway: Pride of Baltimore II
Amount: $15,250.00

block The Sotterley Creek and Patuxent River Shoreline Preservation Project

Gateway: Sotterley Plantation
Amount: $63,332.00

block Time Will Tell: The Stories of Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum

Gateway: Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum
Amount: $44,751.00

block Video Documentary: Building the Last Skipjack, the Nathan of Dorchester

Gateway: Nathan of Dorchester
Amount: $12,850.00

block Water Trail Wayside Exhibits & Maps

Gateway: Choptank & Tuckahoe Rivers Water Trail
Amount: $28,700.00

block Watercraft Exhibit and WWII Brochure

Gateway: Calvert Marine Museum
Amount: $12,150.00

block Watery Highways: Trade and Travel in the Colonial Chesapeak

Gateway: Historic St. Mary's City
Amount: $28,000.00

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