Preliminary Information on the 2009 Gateways Grant Program
Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network

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The Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network has NOT received an appropriation for fiscal year 2009, and we are currently operating on a continuing resolution. However, we remain optimistic there will be a resolution of our budget soon, and that we will once again be able to solicit proposals for Gateways Grant projects.

Until we have a confirmed budget for fiscal year 2009 we cannot establish a set deadline for submission of proposals for Gateways Grants. So the likelihood is increasing that we will have to provide a short turnaround time for proposals. Because you should expect a short turnaround, it may be helpful to begin strategizing on project proposals.

Complete details on the submission requirements and deadlines will be included in the Grant Guidelines as soon as they are available. However, the eligibility requirements for Gateways Grants will be as follows.

Special Priorities for 2009 Gateways Grants

In 2009, we will ONLY accept grant proposals in the following categories:

Projects that promote a broadly applicable stewardship ethic and actively foster citizen stewardship of the Chesapeake.

What kinds of projects are eligible?

Projects that clearly aid in telling your Gateway’s part of the Chesapeake Bay story.

What kinds of projects are eligible?

Note: All projects involving any interpretation must in some way relate stories or themes to the Chesapeake Bay and/or the Bay watershed. In other words “the Chesapeake Connection” must be clear to both the grant reviewers and ultimately to visitors. For more information, the interpretive themes outlined in the Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network Framework at help organize these relationships.

Projects to further the development and sustainability of water trails throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

What kinds of projects are eligible?

Projects to improve access, interpretation and education at Gateways along the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historical Trail (CAJO) or the Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail (STSP).

What kinds of projects are eligible?

Note: For projects that develop new interpretive or educational programming related to CAJO or STSP, the NPS may be interested to work with grantees to incorporate material whole or in part into CAJO- or STSP-related web sites or to adapt for other interpretive programming.


In all cases, grant project proposals will be judged strongest when they:

What Is Not Funded?

Activities that Gateways grants do not fund include the following:

With rare exception, the above activities should also not be included as part of the proposed non-federal match.

What Are the Grant Levels & Funding Requirements?

The minimum grant request is $5,000. The maximum grant request is $150,000. All grant proposals must demonstrate a reasonable budget analysis ensuring the project can be completed within the proposed budget.

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