Interpretive Planning Assistance
Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network

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The National Park Service has limited resources for providing technical assistance to Gateways on interpretive planning.

What is an Interpretive Plan?
Interpretive planning is a goal driven process that matches a site's resources and it's messages. The process helps to establish thematic priorities, interpretive techniques, visitor experience, program scheduling and costs.

What is involved?
The level of planning assistance offered will take the form of either a one or two full day workshop geared to a specific Gateway, or combination of similar or nearby Gateways. Participants should include a Gateway's decision makers, interpreters or educators, and key partners. The National Park Service will provide an interpretive planning professional facilitator, workbook and a final site report documenting the proceedings of the workshop.

How do I request assistance?
You may request assistance by completing the downloadable form below and emailing it to Cheryl Branagan at Or call Cheryl Branagan at 410-260-2475 for more information.

Funding for this program is limited and decisions will be made based on a site's need and resources, timing and scheduling availability. Final decisions regarding the ability to provide interpretive planning technical assistance rest with the NPS Chesapeake Bay Program Office Director.

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