Water Trail Toolbox: Managing a Water Trail
Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network

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After the water trail has been established, the organization will be faced with a constant challenge: balancing the needs and values of recreation and conservation. Managing and maintaining a water trail may require the skills of some individuals who helped establish the trail. But the trail organization now has to make an ongoing effort to attract staff members and volunteers who can devote their energies to day-to-day and seasonal tasks.

1. Protecting the Resource

The water trail's success now hinges on keeping the waterway as pristine as possible or improving its condition through a variety of conservation programs ranging from cleanup campaigns to habitat restoration projects. [Learn more]

2. Educating the Public

Building and expanding community support for the water trail is a never-ending process and should be considered an essential element of the management plan. Provide a variety of interpretive educational programs to inform both children and adults about the waterway and the Chesapeake Bay. An informed citizenry will value and champion the trail and become active in stewardship activities. [Learn more]

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