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It's one thing to see the stars; its quite another to see the constellations. Experienced sailors know the difference. While both sights inspire awe over nature's beauty, it's only by recognizing the patterns in the night sky that you gain a true sense of where you are and where you need to head next.

So it is with the Chesapeake Bay. Learn about the patterns of the Chesapeake and find the places you would like to explore next.

Bay Info
Bay Info What are some of the basic facts about the Chesapeake Bay? What is it? Why does the Bay Matter? Find out.
Bay History
Bay History The Chesapeake has been at the center of the American experience for centuries. Follow a timeline through the Bay's long history.
Exploring the Bay
Exploring the Bay How many ways are there to explore the Chesapeake's influence? Look here for a continuing series of explorations - the first focusing on Chesapeake Bay Lighthouses.
People and Places
People and Places The Bay is about stories, all kinds of them. Peek in on some of the stories about special Bay people and places.
Bay Regions
Bay Regions The Chesapeake watershed spans 64,000 square miles. How do you begin to explore it? By visiting the Bay's regions.

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