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Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network

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Interior Upright Wall Exhibit I3648AHelp promote the Chesapeake Experience - identify your site as a participating member in the Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network.

These attractive exhibits are designed to help visitors make better use of the Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network. They identify your site as a participating Gateway and provide an easy way to distribute the Gateways Network Map and Guide. See the descriptions below to learn more, or:

Purpose of the Exhibits

The way for people to understand the Chesapeake is to start by exploring it. Gateways are the places for doing that. The Gateways Network is the tool people use to find and get to Chesapeake experiences at Gateways.

These exhibits, when installed at Gateways, will help people use the Network to explore the Chesapeake further. They are key to every Gateway's role in "co-marketing" the Gateways Network and an important element in an overall promotion and marketing strategy for the Network.

The exhibits encourage people to explore the Chesapeake, introduce your site as a Gateway, and provide a high-visibility means for distributing the Network Map & Guide.

Exhibit Format/Design

There are four basic formats for the exhibits, with several different image options in each format. The formats include:

In each case, the design includes a container (weather-proof for exterior) for distributing the Network Map and Guide. View exhibit options and order yours today!

Exhibit Placement

These exhibits must be sited in high use areas at each Gateway if they are going to accomplish their goal. The exhibits should be highly visible and in a location where the Network Map & Guide containers can be restocked readily.

The exhibits are suitable for use at all Gateway sites, regional information centers and hubs. They are not particularly well suited for many water trails due to the isolated nature of water trail access points.

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