Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula & York River
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Photo from Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula & York River

A peaceful, unspoiled air marks the Tidewater Virginia peninsulas known as the Northern Neck and the Middle Peninsula. There are upstream stretches of the York and Rappahannock rivers that appear nearly untouched by human habitation since Native American tribes such as the Pamunkey, and Mattaponi populated the area.

Closer to the Bay are a number of historic fishing villages where Chesapeake “watermen” still ply their trades in traditional ways and aboard traditional vessels. The region also has a rich colonial history; both George Washington and Robert E. Lee were born on Northern Neck plantations.

You can explore these Tidewater peninsulas at a number of Gateways. Plantations and museums highlight the region’s historical traditions. Traditional park lands and newly developed water trails offer up-close encounters with the region’s natural beauty.

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Steamboat Era Museum - Irvington, VA
The museum honors the era of the steamboats that piled the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. The Chesapeake was the highway for trade, travel and commerce linking small farming and fishing communities to international ports of Baltimore and Norfolk.Adventures come to life as you view those who traveled...More info

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