Captain Salem Avery House
Shady Side, MD
Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network

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Brief Description: Like a number of other fishermen from the northeastern states, Captain Salem Avery was drawn to the Chesapeake Bay in the mid-19th century by reports of the abundant fisheries. The Long Island fisherman built what is now known as the Captain Salem Avery House around 1860 on the banks of the West River in Shady Side, Maryland. The building was purchased by the Shady Side Rural Heritage Society in 1989 and has been restored to its to its 1860 appearance for use as a waterman's museum.
Physical Address: Captain Salem Avery House
1418 East West Shady Side Road
Shady Side, MD 20764
Mailing Address: Captain Salem Avery House
PO Box 89
Shady Side, MD 20764
Visitor Phone: (410) 867-4486

The Museum includes a collection of boats and watermen’s equipment, a diorama depicting the peninsula during the 1860's, and exhibits on the history of watermen, as well as trade and transportation, on the Chesapeake. Take a docent led tour to learn more about the rich history of the Chesapeake and Anne Arundel County.

Access the Museum by boat, skiff, kayak or canoe. There is a mooring available for boats and skiffs with a shallow draft. There is also a low dock for canoes, kayaks or dinghy.

The Shady Side Rural Heritage Society maintains a series of cultural, natural, historical, and recreational programs. Please call the Society for more information on these events.

Tours / Walking Tours

Operating Hours: Museum open Sunday, 1-4pm, March through December or by appointment. Library open on Monday, 12-3pm. Grounds open dusk to dawn.
Visitor Facilities: Museum, boat shed and boats, and outdoor exhibits.
Accessibility: The museum is handicapped accessible.

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