Nauticus to Debut Gateway to the World Digital High-Definition Film
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New film captures the beauty and grandeur of our Seaport!

Norfolk, VA (06/12/07) - On Friday, June 29, Nauticus will debut Gateway to the World, a new, digital, high-definition film that celebrates the beauty and grandeur of our Seaport. The 35-minute film was produced by Nauticus in conjunction with Xenon, a film and interactive production company.

Within the largest natural harbor on earth, the Seaport of Virginia serves as a gateway to the world through maritime operations. The film tracks the course of a single day, with choreographed motions of trains, cranes and container ships revealing the beauty of transportation, where workers harness the power of the gargantuan machinery towering over them.

“From the tallest crane in the world to the keel of a mammoth cruise ship in dry dock, Gateway will take you to places you could never see on your own,” says Nauticus Executive Director Rich Conti. Evocative music from Cirque du Soleil musical composers takes the place of dialogue in the film. Astonishingly beautiful cinematography combined with a powerful score makes for a riveting movie experience. The choice of music for the film was an easy one for Xenon filmmaker Kaya Sanan.

“A port is like a 3-ring circus,” he says. “Lots of angles and high wires and intricate movements. It's a ballet of containers.” The nomadic nature of dockwork and interconnectedness of different cultures were another reason to infuse Gateway with a unique Cirque du Soleil aesthetic.

Gateway to the World was partially funded by a Chesapeake Bay Gateways Grant, one of only 32 new grants awarded by the National Park Service to support local initiatives at sites and water trails in the Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network. Xenon has created other films and videography projects for Nauticus, including Seascapes, a new exhibit experience that visually takes visitors up from the ocean floor all the way to the surface of the sea and Design Chamber, one of many Nauticus exhibits that bring the Battleship Wisconsin to life.

Gateway to the World, to be shown daily at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., will be included in general Nauticus admission. For more information, call (757) 664-1000 or visit

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