Lighthouses: Bay Features and Forces
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In the early 1900s, Bay lights adjusted to the changing times and new technologies. Oil and kerosene were replaced by electricity and soon fully automated lighthouses would make the job of lighthouse keeper a thing of the past. Of the 74 lights that once illuminated Chesapeake waters, more than 30 still stand, and 23 continue to play important roles as aids to navigation.

Concord Point Fishing Battery Turkey Point Pooles Island Craighill Channel Lower Craighill Channel Upper Lightship No. 116 Chesapeake Seven Foot Knoll Baltimore Light Sandy Point Shoal Thomas Point Shoals Hooper Strait Bloody Point Bar Sharps Island Cove Point Drum Point Hooper Island Point No Point Solomons Lump Point Lookout Fort Washington Piney Point Jones Point Smith Point Wolf Trap New Point Comfort Thimble Point Shoals Old Point Comfort Newport News Middle Ground Cape Henry (old) Cape Henry (new) Cape Charles Chesapeake Light Jones Point 1 Concord Point
2 Fishing Battery
3 Turkey Point
4 Pooles Island
5 Craighill Channel Front Lower Range
5 Craighill Channel Rear Lower Range
6 Craighill Channel Front Upper Range
6 Craighill Channel Rear Upper Range
7 Lightship No. 116 Chesapeake
8 Seven Foot Knoll
9 Baltimore Light
10 Sandy Point Shoal
11 Thomas Point Shoals
12 Hooper Strait
13 Bloody Point Bar
14 Sharps Island
15 Cove Point
16 Drum Point
17 Hooper Island
18 Point No Point
19 Solomons Lump
20 Point Lookout
21 Fort Washington
22 Piney Point
23 Jones Point
24 Smith Point
25 Wolf Trap
26 New Point Comfort
27 Thimble Shoal
28 Old Point Comfort
29 Newport News Middle Ground
30 Cape Henry (Old)
31 Cape Henry (New)
32 Cape Charles
33 Chesapeake Light

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