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Enter the quantity of exhibits you would like to order in the form below. One exhibit is provided free of charge to each designated Gateway. Gateways may order additional exhibits at their own expense if desired (see estimated cost below; we will contact you regarding billing). Exhibits will be shipped directly from the fabricator to the shipping address you specify. If you encounter problems using this form, please e-mail your order directly to: Peggy Wall or call 410-260-2473. All fields with an asterisk(*) are required.

Freestanding (Interior/Exterior) Portable Exhibit Installation

Freestanding Exhibit NPS Custom Portable Frame, durable aluminum with dark charcoal finish. Frame, while heavy, is portable and is suitable for outdoor and indoor placement. Leaflet distribution holder for the Map and Guide is mounted directly on the frame. Digitally produced image is embedded in Fiberglass making a rigid durable panel. Panel is cleaned with a soft sponge and non-abrasive soaps.

Nominal Panel Size: 24"W x 36" H

Exterior Upright Portable Exhibit E2436AP Exterior Upright Portable Exhibit E2436BP Exterior Upright Portable Exhibit E2436CP
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