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Bay Workboats
Key Features:A schooner-type vessel distinctive to the Chesapeake, 30 to 80 feet long, with features including a sharp V hull, a clipper bow, and a solid log rail. Pungies carried one jib and a main topsail, and the rig was proportionately taller and lighter than that of a typical gaff schooner, with more rake to the masts.. A handful were built with shallow draft and a centerboard and were known as she-pungies or square-rigged bugeyes. They typically were painted green and a rose-tan “pungy pink.”
Period of Use:c. 1847 to 1940
Use:Oyster dredging, general freighting
Interesting Facts:In the 1920s several of the last Chesapeake pungies were taken to California to be used in the movie Old Ironsides. They were destroyed by fire during filming.
Where to see one:
  • Living Classrooms Foundation, Baltimore (Lady Maryland)

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