Log Canoe
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Key Features:An undecked sailing craft 20 to 40 feet long assembled using up to seven logs. Sometimes the topsides or upper parts of the hull were framed and planked and sharp at both ends. Sailing rigs varied but usually consisted of one or two sharp-headed spritsails, with or without a jib set on raking, unstayed masts.
Period of Use:1700s – early 1900s. Raced as early as 1859 with some still racing today.
Use:Oyster tonging; today used only for pleasure and racing
Interesting Facts:The use of log canoes for oystering fell off after 1915, when gasoline-powered workboats came on the scene. Modern racing log canoes blend traditional boats and sailing rigs with modern sailing technology. To balance the large spread of sails, racing log canoes carry large crews that “hike” out on springboards (planks set out to one side).
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