Craighill Channel Front Lower Range
Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network

Year Built:1873
Description:One of a pair of lights, this is located 2.4 miles south of rear tower. This light includes two lamps, at 22 feet and 39 feet respectively. Still operational; automated 1964. Owned and maintained by USCG (Coast Guard Activities Baltimore). Eligible for listing on National Register of Historic Places.
Type of Structure:Brown cast iron caisson with a round, 25-foot tower and black lantern originally equipped with a 5th order Fresnel lens.
Purpose:Marks navigation channel from Bay to Brewerton channel when lights of front and rear range towers line up.
Interesting Facts:First caisson built on the bay. One of the last manned lights on the bay. Automated 35 years after the rear range.
Photo(s):Craighill Channel Front Lower Range
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