Chesapeake Light
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Year Built:1965
Description:Chesapeake Light Skeletal "Texas tower" light, 14.5 miles east of Cape Henry, marking the entrance to Chesapeake Bay, a location lighted for mariners since 1933. Current light built and put in operation in September 1965. Automated in October 1980. Owned and maintained by USCG (Coast Guard Group Hampton Roads). Currently used by different organizations to conduct research.
Type of Structure:Blue "Texas tower" built on corrosion resistant steel piles. Resembles oil drilling platform. Has living quarters and helipad on top.
Purpose:Marks the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay
Interesting Facts:Replaces lightship Chesapeake. Has spacious living quarters with newest technology available at the time of construction. Personnel were transported via helicopter.
Photo(s):Chesapeake Light
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