Solomons Lump
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Year Built:1875 (original)
Description:Solomons Lump Caisson light located offshore on the south side of Kedges Straits between Tangier Sound and Chesapeake Bay. Originally this location had a screwpile light capped with a square keeper’s cottage. Following severe ice damage, in 1895 the old light was replaced with a caisson; a 47-foot brick light tower abuts a two-story wood frame keeper’s cottage. Operational; automated in 1950. Owned and maintained by USCG (Coast Guard Activities Baltimore). Eligible for listing on National Register of Historic Places.
Type of Structure:Brown cylindrical foundation pier surmounted by white brick tower-previously had two story wooden dwelling that together with the tower formed a regular octagonal building
Purpose:Marks Kedges Straight Shoals.
Interesting Facts:This was the only caisson in the Chesapeake with a wooden structure. The dwelling was torn down and only the brick tower remains.
Photo(s):Solomons Lump
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