Sharps Island
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Year Built:1882
Description:Sharps IslandDark brown 35-foot caisson located offshore southwest of Tilghman Island. Originally a movable, integral lighthouse sited on land (1838), followed by a screwpile in 1866. The caisson was placed in 1882 after ice destroyed the screwpile. Operational; automated 1938. Tower leans due to ice damage in 1977. Owned and Maintained by USCG (Coast Guard Activities Baltimore). Listed on National Register of Historic Places
Type of Structure:Cast-iron and masonry house atop cast iron caisson.
Purpose:Marks the shoals off Poplar Island and Black Walnut point at the entrance to Choptank River.
Interesting Facts:The original Sharps Island light was indeed on an island. The island eroded away, causing the light to be replaced by a screwpile structure. The screwpile was destroyed by ice in 1881.
Photo(s):Sharps Island
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