Pooles Island
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Year Built:1825
Description:Pooles Island Located onshore near Aberdeen, MD at Pooles Island. Conical, 40-foot brick tower on a stone foundation; originally white with a black lantern. Original sound signal building housed a fog bell. Automated 1917; deactivated 1939. Pooles Island light now is located on the Aberdeen Proving Grounds (U.S. Army) and is closed to the public.
Type of Structure:Masonry tower made with randomly laid rough cut granite blocks.
Purpose:Marks Pooles Island off the mouth of the Gunpowder river.
Interesting Facts:Property was acquired by U.S.Army garrison in 1917 and was used as an artillery range. Light is off limits to public due to potential danger of unexploded ordinance. Oldest "original" tower on bay in Maryland still standing.
Photo(s):Pooles Island
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