Old Point Comfort
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Year Built:1802
Description:Old Point Comfort Octagonal, 54-foot white sandstone tower at the entrance to Hampton Roads Harbor (Hampton, VA); has a distinctive green lantern room with a red roof. Original light consisted of eleven lamps with reflectors; replaced by a 4th order Fresnel lens. Operational as an aid to navigation at Fort Monroe army base (formerly Fort George); automated in 1973. Fog bell. Owned and maintained by USCG (Coast Guard Group Hampton Roads). Listed on National Register of Historic Places
Type of Structure:Short masonry tower.
Purpose:Marks the northern entrance to Hampton Roads.
Interesting Facts:Originally in 1700's a fire was kept burning there to help guide vessels into the harbor.The lighthouse was briefly captured by British forces during the war of 1812. The second oldest Chesapeake Bay lighthouse.
Photo(s):Old Point Comfort
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