New Point Comfort
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Year Built:1806
Description:New Point Comfort 58-foot tower at the entrance to Mobjack Bay (Mathews County, Va). An unusual tower of cream-colored Ashlar sandstone, with a black lantern that once housed a 4th order Fresnel lens. Automated 1930; deactivated in 1963. Separate keeper’s quarters have been destroyed and continuing erosion severely threatens the lighthouse, now owned by Mathews County. The third oldest lighthouse on Chesapeake Bay. Owned and maintained by Mathews County.
Type of Structure:White octagonal sandstone tower with black lantern.
Purpose:Marks the north side of the entrance to Mobjack Bay and the York River
Interesting Facts:The light used to be on land connected to the mainland, but during a storm in 1933 the light was cut off from the mainland. The land has slowly eroded until the light stands on a tiny island.
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Photo(s):New Point Comfort
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