Cape Henry (New)
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Year Built:1881
Description:Cape Henry (New)A 163-foot masonry tower plated with cast iron located at the entrance to Chesapeake Bay. (Situated directly across the street from the old Cape Henry light.) Lantern still houses a 1st order Fresnel lens installed in 1881. Operational; automated in 1984. Owned and operated by USCG. Eligible for listing on National Register of Historic Places.
Type of Structure:Octagonal cast-iron tower with each side painted half white and half black on alternating sections in checkerboard style. Has black lantern.
Purpose:Marks the south side of the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay.
Interesting Facts:The New Cape Henry light was built when cracks were found in the walls of the Old Cape Henry Light. It was feared that the structure was unsafe and construction was begun on the new light.
Photo(s):Cape Henry (New)
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