Hooper Strait
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Year Built:1827 (original light)
Description:Hooper StraitScrewpile lighthouse originally constructed at the entrance to Tangier Sound, moved to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, MD (1967), after being decommissioned. When the first light was carried away by ice in 1877, it was rebuilt with a six-sided, one and a half story cottage. First-floor rooms had 200-gallon water tanks that collected rainwater. Automated in 1954; deactivated 1966. Owned and maintained by the museum.
Type of Structure:White hexagonal cottage with green roof on screwpile structure. Has black lantern room.
Purpose:Marked shoals on north side of he channel between the mainland and Bloodsworth Island
Interesting Facts:The first screwpile located on these shoals was torn from the foundation by ice on the Bay. The keepers barely escaped.
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Photo(s):Hooper Strait
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