Hooper Island
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Year Built:1901
Description:Hooper IslandConcrete and cast iron caisson located on Middle Hooper Island. One of the Bay’s conical "spark plug" style caisson lights with a 35-foot white tower on a brown cylinder; its black lantern housed a 4th order Fresnel lens that was stolen in 1976. Operational; automated in 1961. Fog horn. Owned and maintained by USCG (Coast Guard Activities Baltimore). Eligible for listing on National Register of Historic Places.
Type of Structure:Cast Iron house atop a cast iron caisson
Purpose:Marks the shoals on the eastern side of the bay between Tar Bay and Hooper Straight.
Interesting Facts:First contractor awarded bid to build light failed to begin construction. Project had to be readvertised to find contractor.
Photo(s):Hooper Island
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